Who am I?

A brief of me

My Name is Epaminondas Psimmenos, I was born in Athens in 2002 and I am an undergraduate student at the University of Patras, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Polytechnic School. I am engaged in the creation and management of websites, I provide assistance to teachers with their online courses the have, creating e-classes and digital materials. In addition, I organize the computerization of small companies in a program dear to employees.

Professional Personality


Persuasiveness is one of my major assets. I take initiative, direct with fluency, guide and supervise. My strong opinion on issues, not accepting commitments and difficult control by others makes me Independent. With a thoroughly democratic spirit, participating in processes but also providing advice.

Way of Thinking

Practical and down-to-earth thinking based on data, calculations and analysis. Willing to change, with original ideas, wit, and finding solutions to problems as they arise. Detail is one of the most basic characteristics with precise attention to detail. Consistency, meeting deadlines.


I am Ambitious, setting high career goals and Critical with a strong element of broadening the data. I see disadvantages and look for any imperfections in order to always achieve the best possible outcome and express concern when things don’t go well. Proactive in difficult situations, avoiding emotional outbursts. I am Competitive, the goal is to win and I don’t like to lose. Finally I am possessed by determination, where sometimes I am not afraid to make risky decisions.

Work incentives

I perform under time pressure and am always on my toes. Monetary rewards are a key performance motivator and go hand in hand with success. I am particularly interested in multi-faceted and creative work with a prelabour motivation reference for a flexible working environment without strict structures. Motivated by fair career progression with a strong interest in both my position and rank.

According to my Professional Personality Profile, by SHL Career Associates Maria Koutsavtis

Education & Studies

2020- now


Department of Electrical and Computer Engeeniring, Polytechnic School, University of Patras
Zois School, lyceum (grade: 19.8)

Foreigen Languages and Computer Skills

✓IC3 GS4 by Certiport Global Digital Literacy Certification (en/el)
✓ Τhe Certificate of Lower in English ( (ECCE), as a Foreign Language (EFL)
✓ Goethe-Zertifikat Β1